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New Concierge Clinic Opens in Avila

Dr. Yelena Lapidus celebrated the expanding of her practice with a ribbon cutting ceremony recently at 6627 Bay Laurel in the Avila San Luis Bay Estates.

The Lapidus Clinic is a concierge practice, also known as a retainer practice, where a patient pays an annual fee and receives round the clock service for emergencies.  The clinic focuses on wellness, preventative medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine for healthy longevity, according to its brochure. The facility can perform minor procedures, such as skin biopsies and contains a lab for bloodwork. The clinic also houses two hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

“All of my [patients] have 24/7 access to me for any kind of urgent need- they have my cell phone,” said Lapidus.

Lapidus takes a holistic or core approach that involves using various methods, including neurofeedback; to “baseline major functions” of a patient’s body from there she can prescribe different procedures, medicines and supplements specific to the patient needs.

“She’s very different from most doctors in that she does not focus on acute care at all, she does it, but her whole focus is prevention,” said Gary Brown, an advisor to the clinic.

Currently, the clinic has open enrollment. Dr. Lapidus serves 200 patients and is looking to add an additional 50 people.  They can be reached at 805-540-3071.

By Mark A. Diaz

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