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Kayaking Local Waters

Framed You see them all the time, kayakers paddling below the cliffs, drifting peacefully between the sea stacks, coves and rocks while exploring many spots...

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Home Safe Home

Welcome to the June edition of Aging and Still Engaging. The content of this month’s column has been provided by Alan Prince, who is an Occupational Therapist...

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Margaret We made all those other dancers jealous, didn’t we Margaret? You were a dream in pale pink. Not many ladies in their fifties can pull off that color;...

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Amgen Rides Through Town

The Central Coast was once again host to the Amgen Tour of California with Stage Three of the Men’s 7 Stage Tour that came through our area looping over 115...

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I thought I knew what I was fishing for…a youthful sense of awe, an unknowing anticipation, the excitement I felt as a child while standing on the banks of...

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Accessible Ain’t Easy

Every now and then we should all hang upside down. Due to my busy fitness teaching, eating, volunteering, sleeping, and work schedule, I don’t practice yoga as...

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