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AGPD Wants Public’s Help in Felony Vandalism Case

The Arroyo Grande Police Department is looking to the public for help identifying people responsible for the vandalism of 11 Mayor Jim Hill candidate signs that occurred Tuesday, October 9.
Police are asking citizens to aid in identifying the suspect vehicle and its occupants. The vehicle is a 4-door, Toyota Prius, with a sunroof and is sea-foam in color.
The same vandals are believed to have also hit public sidewalks and private property using brown paint.
“It would be great if there just so happened to be an eyewitness account or maybe somebody had video that captures some of the different locations,” said AGPD Chief Beau Pryor.
Because the damage is more than $400 it classifies as a felony that, should the case lead to prosecution, could result in jail time for the vandals.
Thus far, no other candidate signs have been damaged, but there have been a few reports of political signs being stolen.
“There has been nothing like this where they deliberately went around and threw paint all over these large signs that cost a lot of money,” Pryor said.
The vandals defaced property at the following locations:
1200 block Farroll Ave.
100 block S. Halcyon Rd.
Intersection of Huasna Rd. and Clarence Ave.
1100 blk. of E. Grand Ave.
1400 blk. of W. Branch St.
Intersection of James Wy. and Ranch Pkwy.
200 blk. of Corbett Cyn.
500 blk. of S. Halcyon Rd.
Intersection of Chilton Ave. and Oak Park Blvd.
If you have any information that could assist the Arroyo Grande Police Department, call 805-473-5122.


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