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Grover Says ‘No’ to Offshore Drilling

The Grover Beach City Council voiced disapproval of proposed plans to conduct offshore oil drilling off the coast of California from 2019 through 2024.
The council unanimously voted to oppose the inclusion of any portion of the Pacific Coast in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Draft Proposed 5-Year National Oil and Gas Leasing Program. A resolution including the council’s comments was then submitted to the Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.
Citing several massive oil spills on the coasts of Santa Barbara, Gulf of Mexico and Gulf shores of the United States the resolution stated, “oil drilling presents a clear and ever-present danger to the health and safety of residents, businesses, and economies, with the threat of an oil spill potentially wreaking havoc on ecosystems, human health, and economic activities.”
The action by the council goes against President Donald Trump’s April 28, 2017 Executive Order called, “Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” potentially opening up Arctic waters and millions of coastal acres off U.S. shores to oil and gas drilling, fracking, and other well stimulation.
The resolution further stated that the city has a history of protecting local ocean waters and the coast that provide resources for recreation, exploration, and relaxation to both residents and tourists.
Further, the city takes care of coastal waters and the environment by adopting city policies and practicing environmental stewardship. Finally, the resolution stated, “there is a growing body of evidence confirming that intense sound produced by human generated noise such as acoustic testing used in oil and gas exploration negatively impacts marine mammals, fish, squid, and crab.”

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