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Harvest Festival Contest Winners Announced

Teri Kelley’s Bake Off Competition Winners

Best In Show:  Connie Mooney “Dilly Beans” (Sponsored by Mason Bar and Grill)

Most Arroyo Grande: Dave Johnston “Zesty Bread & Butter Pickles” (Sponsored by Qupe & Verdad Wines Tasting Room in Arroyo Grande)

Best Junior Entry (under 14):  Sarah Beaudin age 14 “Trick or Treat” ice cream (Sponsored by Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab)

Best Overall Junior Entry (under 14): Elijah Meek age 7 “Chocolate Fountain Cupcakes” (Sponsored by Rooster Creek Tavern)

Grand Marshal’s Prize: Nini Dookie “Cranberry Streusel Cake” (Sponsored by Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival)

Ice Cream:  (Sponsored by Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab)

1. Sarah Beaudin “Trick or Treat”

2. Connie Mooney “Mint Chip”

3. Connie Mooney “Chocolate Raspberry Chip”

Cookies:  (Sponsored by Café Andreini)

1. Mia Beck “Tiger Stripe Fudge”

2. Kylie Martell “Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies”

3. Abby Boulton “The Cat’s Meow (in memory of Mr. Patel and his cat)

Autumn Bread: (Sponsored by Imes Family)

1. Nini Dookie “Cranberry Streusel Cake”

2. Brett Beck “Banana Bread” (Gluten free)

3. Patty Popovich “Family Home Pumpkin Bread”

Country Canning: Vegetables (Sponsored by Jaffa Café)

1. Connie Mooney “Dilly Beans”

2. Dave Johnston “Zesty Bread & Butter Pickles”

3. Kimberly Beaudin “Nana’s Pickles”

Country Canning: Jams and Jellies (Sponsored by Villa Cantina)

1. Rosemary Krug “Organic Whole Fruit Mulberry Jam”

2. Dave Johnston “Strawberry Jalapeno Jam”

3. Connie Mooney “Strawberry Blueberry Freezer Preserves”

Autumn Pies (Non-apple):  (Sponsored by Rooster Creek Tavern)

1. Nicole Raftery “Backroads Country Pecan Pie”

2. Nicole Raftery “The Baker’s Black & Blue Pie”

Apple Pie: (Sponsored by The Imes Family)

1. Janet Knollenberg “French Apple Tart”

2. Nicole Raftery “Cin-ful Apple Pie”

3. Jessica Iwerks “Aunties Apple Pie”

Harvest Gone Wild:  (Sponsored by Emotions Photography)

1. Lily Meek “Thanksgiving Poem”

2. Nicole Stephens “Butterscotch Apple Spice Cake”

3. Jessica Iwerks “Shelly’s Pumpkin Roll”

Spelling Bee Results

Third & Fourth Grades – 13 participants

First Place – Charlene Cobbs – Third Grade – Branch Elementary School

Second Place – Bibi Shah – Fourth Grade – Grover Heights Elementary School

Fifth & Sixth Grades – 11 participants

First Place – Corban Pusey – Sixth Grade – Inspire School (homeschool?)

Second Place – Adilia Leiva – Sixth Grade – Branch School

Seventh & Eighth Grades – 3 participants

First Place – Carlos Leiva – Eighth Grade – Paulding  Middle School

Clark Stafford – Eighth Grade – Paulding Middle School

Diaper Derby Results

Crawling 6 – 12 months girls

1. Violet Hopkins

2. Ara Manalo

3. Charli Johnston

Crawling 6 – 12 months boys

1. Grayson Gammis

2. Oliver Truesdell

3. Dario Moreno

Toddling 8 – 14 months girls

1. Juliana Friesen

2. Kyra Frick

3. Jessie Melero

Toddling 8 – 14 months boys

1. Conrad Bowdey

2. Jeremiah Lahr

Toddling 15 – 19 months girls

1. Delilah Brunsell

Toddling 15 – 19 months boys

1. Westin Ballentine

2. Hudson Chrispensen

3. Miles Vasquez

Toddling 20 – 24 months girls

1. Nora Mackey

Toddling 31 – 36 months girls

1. Goldie Boulton

Toddling 31 – 36 months boys

1. Julian Rodriguez

2. Grady Boulton

Scarecrow Contest Winners 

Theme:  Harvesting Happiness

1st place:  James R Murphy Jr, attorney at law

2nd place:  City of Arroyo Grande

3rd place:  Burke & Pace Lumber

Honorable Mention:  salon 132


1st place:  The Hive

2nd place:  Trader Joe’s

3rd place:  Four Star Village Auto

Honorable Mention:  Klondike Pizza


1st place:  Wyndham Residence

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