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Temporary Changes to Drinking Water Disinfectant for Five-Cities

In the upcoming weeks, if you notice your water tasting different, don’t worry. The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Public Works wants drinking water customers in the Five Cities to know that through November 19, the disinfectant used to treat drinking water will temporarily change from a blended chlorine to a free chlorine. Most customers will not need to take any precautions as the water remains safe to drink by federal and state drinking water standards.
According to a news release is- sued by the county, this temporary change is common practice in the water treatment industry and helps ensure drinking water remains free of potentially harmful bacteria. The county uses this practice annually.
Many customers will not detect a change, while others may notice a taste or odor similar to a swim- ming pool. Customers can minimize or remove chlorine by boiling water, running water through a carbon fil- ter commonly used to purify water, or by filling a container with water and leaving it to vent overnight.
Drinking water customers who have questions or concerns about their water are urged to contact their water supplier at the phone number listed on their water bills.
Contact Information:
County of San Luis Obispo Depart- ment of Public Works:
Craig Kesler, Chief Plant Opera- tor (805) 473-7152
Faith Zenker, Water Quality Lab Manager (805) 781-5111


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