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Temporary Moratorium On “Personal Service” Businesses

New storefronts for massage, tattoos and other “personal services” were temporarily banned by the Pismo Beach City Council at a recent meeting.
The moratorium went into affect immediately for a 45-day period with an option to extend that ban for another 10 months and 15 days as city staff studies the matter.
City Manager James Lewis told the council that recent inquiries were made at the city that were “not consistent” with the council’s vision for the city. He brought the urgency ordinance to the council to stop new shops from opening or existing shops from moving or expanding in their current locations.
“You’ve put a lot of effort into focusing on your downtown vision; we’ve talked about it tonight. It continues to be a focus for you as we beautify downtown,” Lewis said. “The downtown zone is very permissive, so it really allows most anything.”
Lewis pointed out that the council could re-evaluate its zoning codes for the downtown area, but that it would take time.
Council member Sheila Blake asked if existing businesses would be affected by the ordinance. City Attorney Dave Fleishman said existing businesses would continue to operate under the moratorium but would be prohibited from moving location, or expanding their existing location.
The temporary ordinance was passed unanimously.

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