We Will Never Forget

Framed By

Most of us have stories of what we were doing the morning of September 11, 2001.  Most probably remember that day like it happened just yesterday, etched in their minds forever, the day of the worst terrorist attack in United States history, where thousands perished and hundreds died while helping others.
“Standing Tall’ is a memorial to all those who lost their lives during that attack. It stands at Fire Station No. 1 in San Luis Obispo.  A large steel beam once part of the World Trade Center Towers is surrounded by words inscribed into the cement planters, words describing the character of those who risked their own lives to help others.
The beam is encircled by 403 metal posts, red representing 343 firefighters, the blue representing 60 police officers, who died while helping people escape the World Trade Center Towers before they collapsed.
No, we will never forget.

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