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Arroyo Grande

• Aug. 20: Some sicko was placed under citizen’s arrest on the 1000 block of Grand Avenue when he was caught chocking the chicken in his truck.

• Aug. 19: During a traffic stop the driver was found to have an expired license. To make matters worse, heroin and meth were found in the car.

• Aug. 19: A woman was heard yelling for help at the Premiere Inn while a male guest was on the phone with the front desk. She had visible injuries but said she “injured herself several times.” The poor excuse for a man left before police arrived.

• Aug. 18: Some fool was arrested at Walmart for being hammered in public and urinating while at it.

• Aug. 12: Some smashed dude smashed a window at Heritage Salon and injured his hand. He also had an outstanding warrant.

Pismo Beach

• Aug. 15: A transient sleeping behind Tommy Hilfiger’s had to deal with even more troubles when he was hauled off to jail for a probation violation.

• Aug. 15: Two dozen sheep and goats were reported loose on the railroad tracks near the Price House. PG&E workers got some of them to scram but the train had to stop for others. The troll must have been of duty that day and couldn’t gobble them up.

• Aug. 15: A caller reported a man on Price Street was heading into the Arroyo Grande Creek area with a young girl. Another male was following them. It turns out that the guy was her father and they were out for a walk.

• Aug. 15: CHP transferred a call concerning a dog with its head stuck between fence bars at Sea View Estates. The owners were on site and said that they would figure out how to get the poor pooch out.

• Aug. 15: Beware the grandparents scam is still active. A woman paid $4,200 after receiving a call from someone claiming to be her granddaughter who was in jail and needed help.

• Aug. 14: The daughter of a man in a car outside of Denny’s reported that a woman had “bitten his finger off.” He declined medical help, so maybe she didn’t bite through the bone.

• Aug. 14: A guy parked on the side of Mattie Road was reportedly kicking women’s clothing into the bushes. He said he was making room in the truck for his dog proving that dogs really are man’s best friend.

• Aug. 14: A caller on the 1700 block of Shell Beach Road reported that a transient was playing music really loud and threatened him when asked to turn it down. The guy allegedly said, “Try to get rid of me and see how long you live.” It was an ongoing issue and Mr. Tough Guy had been drinking.

• Aug. 13: A guy walking in the middle of the street on Five Cities Drive reportedly was yelling that he was going to kill someone.

• Aug. 13: A man was reportedly violating municipal codes when he dumped a truck full of stuff in the dumpster by Yanagi’s. It turns out he owns the restaurant.

• Aug. 13: A caller reported that his wife might have been drugged at Harry’s. She was unresponsive but breathing and medics determined that she was flat out drunk and going in and out of consciousness. She started vomiting and was taken to the ER.

• Aug. 12: Public Works was alerted after two callers reported possible sewage running into the ocean at the base of the staircase at the Cliff’s.

• Aug. 12: Two female shoplifters were busted at Calvin Klein.

• Aug. 11: A caller reported some Jumbo Jack in the drive-thru at Jack-in-the-Box appeared drunk because he was yelling and had slurred speech. The vehicle was turned over to a sober driver and the driver was turned over to booking.

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