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Arroyo Grande

• Aug. 31: A juvenile was arrested for making terrorist threats against Arroyo Grande High School. Wow, school just started.

• Aug. 30: Someone stole close to $12,000 in cash and checks from Lucia Mar School District, as if the teachers don’t make enough as it is.

• Aug. 27: A tree branch at an undisclosed location broke off and damaged parked cars.

• Aug. 25: A guy with reported mental health issues threw a brick through a window to break into a home on Victoria Way.

• Aug. 24: A drunken woman was causing a disturbance in the lobby of the police department, proving smashed people do stupid things.


Pismo Beach

• Aug. 30: A guy on the 400 block of Bello was said to be yelling, “I’m going to f%#* you up.” Then he got into a car and sat there with the lights on. It turned out to be a verbal dispute with his brother. Ahhhh brotherly love.

• Aug. 30: Loss prevention at California Fresh has a suspected shoplifter pinned on the ground. The freeloader was cited and released.

• Aug. 30: An elderly man selling shells and bibles by the pier was advised that he needed a permit, a totally different outcome than the girl selling seashells by the seashore.

• Aug. 30: The surfing goats were out and about and their human was cited for not following the leash laws.

• Aug. 30: CHP transferred a call concerning a car that was driving all over the roadway on Shell Beach Road. The driver hadn’t been drinking but was from another country where erratic driving is apparently common.

• Aug. 29: Two succulent plants were stolen from a yard on the 800 block of Fresno. The green thumb thief just yanked them right out of the ground.

• Aug. 28: A caller on the 1300 block of Shell Beach Road reported men taking stuff out of a car while an alarm was blaring. Police were unable to locate the thieves because they left in another car.

• Aug. 28: Scam alert. Someone rented a home on the 300 block of San Luis via Craig’s List, but the place was not a vacation rental. Naturally, their check had been cashed.

• Aug. 28: A guy dressed in dark clothing was sleeping on the sidewalk in front of Journeys at close to 10 p.m. His sudden need to crash was related to alcohol consumption.

• Aug. 27: Goats, not the surfing ones, were strolling around Price Historical Park. Police contacted their human Billy to pick them up.

• Aug. 27: A 10-year-old boy was in Rite Aide for about 2 hours. When police tried to approach him he ran off screaming. The mother was located after some time and the case was turned over to Child Welfare Services.

• Aug. 27: A guy behind the Nike store, possibly under the influence, was throwing things and talking to himself, a case of “Just DON’T do it.”

• Aug. 27: A guy on a bicycle in the Spyglass Village Shopping Center, and yelling at people, was told to take it down a notch.

• Aug. 26: An officer was flagged down for a report of a heavy-set man who while crossing the street, decided to sit on a woman’s car and then flipped her off. She had never seen the fine, flipped off fatso before.

• Aug. 26: Medics were called to Denny’s for an unresponsive man sitting at a table. The Grand Slam had fallen asleep.

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