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April 16: A caller on Newport reported lending her car to someone to go to the store. The person has had the car for a week now, and was not responding to repeated attempts to contact them, as perhaps the store was in Vegas.

April 14: Someone, known to the caller, on the 200 block of Equestrian reportedly entered a home with the intent to steal stuff.

April 13: A poor excuse of a man reportedly made violent threats to a woman and her children on the 200 block of East Grand.

Pismo Beach

• April 10: A guy sleeping in the breezeway at the Pismo Hotel was given the boot. In the words of Get Smart, “Missed it by that much.”

• April 10: Four guys chewed and screwed leaving a $52.70 bill, which is a lot of food at Denny’s.

• April 10: A guy refused to leave Rabobank checked out OK but was advised about how to deal with his banking over the phone.

• April 10: A customer at Shell Beach Brewhouse was cut off at the bar and got confrontational with the staff. Police were unable to locate Mr. Smashed who reportedly got into a car and drunk drove away.

• April 9: A woman reported that a man was in her room at the Spyglass Inn refusing to leave. She said he had a tattoo on his shoulder but was unable to give much more information. Police determined it was OK, and that they were both “extremely” hammered. It turns out the happy couple was engaged and agreed to sleep it off. Here’s to years of wedded bliss.

• April 9: Paramedics were called for a surfer south of Addie Street who wiped out may have broken his leg.

• April 9: Suspicious circumstances were reported when a car drove up the first block of La Gaviota and two male passengers got out and placed a box at the front door of a home. They reportedly asked the caller if he was Jewish because they were looking for Jewish people. The men appeared to be Middle Eastern and were both wearing Jewish skull caps.

• April 9: Some 7-9 people were reportedly off the 8-ball and arguing with staff and customers at Hotshots Billiards. The unruly cue balls said that they were going to Coastal Dunes RV. An officer waited for them to show up, but they apparently scratched that idea.

• April 9: Police were unable to locate two male juvenile delinquents on Dolliver reportedly running in the street and jumping in front of cars at close to midnight.

• April 8: A caller on the 2600 block of Solano reported hearing a loud “CRASH!!!” in the upstairs apartment. It turns out that the neighbor was moving a bookshelf and it fell.

• April 8: Three teen-aged boys, one holding a long firearm, were reported at the New Life Vortex Youth Center. The caller said that it looked like they were shooting towards the bushes. The youths were playing with airsoft guns.

• April 8: A third party caller reported that he had been told that a man was following females back from the beach to Pismo Coast Village. Further investigation revealed that the scumbag had grabbed one of the females. Police were unable to locate creepy.

• April 8: A man and a woman fell asleep on the beach and were unable to get off because of the incoming tide. To add to the problem, their cell battery was low and they got disconnected. Cal Fire came to the rescue.

• April 7: The natives are getting restless. A caller on the 100 block of Ocean View reported that one of their neighbors had trimmed his trees.

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