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Arroyo Grande

• April 30: Officers responded to a parking problem on the 1400 block El Camino Real and located a stolen vehicle, stolen license plates, and a suspect with multiple warrants. He was parked in Parkinson Plaza.

• April 29: A man and a woman at the Premier Inn reportedly got into a physical altercation, but denied it to officers. The man was arrested for violating a domestic violence restraining order.

• April 28: There was insufficient evidence to support claims of a window being broken and curtains stolen at the LDS Church.

• April 27: A man was trying to pass false prescriptions at Rite Aid and Walmart.

• April 26: A guy in his driveway on the 900 block of Huasna was arrested for being schnockered.

Pismo Beach

• April 25: A caller on the 300 block of Dolliver reported that her neighbor egged her car. The egghead was apparently upset because she had been evicted.

• April 25: A child near the bus stop at Judkin’s Elementary was reportedly being physical with staff. He or she was turned over to their parent and staff was advised on how to handle the miserable little brat.

• April 25: A tree fell down on the Caltrans side of Shell Beach Road and was blocking traffic. A fire captain assisted with traffic control until Caltrans arrived.

• April 25: Grover police advised Pismo PD that two men with a gun in their car had sent a picture via Snapchat to the caller. The photo appeared to be taken near an elementary school, where the ocean could be seen.

• April 24: Some poor sleeping soul was flush out of the public restrooms in the Addie Street parking lot.

• April 24: It appeared that transients had broken into a room at Motel 6. One guy was chased out of the room by staff, and other folks had already taken off. As it turned out, the door to the room was left unlocked and they were using the facilities to bathe and wash up.

• April 24: A caller on the 100 block of Boeker reported that her car was stolen. Someone had been staying with her, and when the caller woke up the car and the guest were gone.

• April 24: Some guy was told not to go through the trashcans at Motel 6. When police left, he came back and started digging again.

• April 24: Police were asked to check the welfare of a woman who left the ER with her IV still in.

• April 24: A grandfather in a motorhome on the 800 block of 4th St., reported a family feud between his kinfolks. He said that his grandson was a “spoiled brat who throws a fit when he doesn’t get his way.” He then said that he would handle the situation and hung up. Police were unable to locate the Bickersons.

• April 23: Pacific Wildlife Care was called in to help an injured seagull. The flying rat had a broken wing.

• April 23: A guy outside 7-Eleven asking people for rides ran into the store after being argumentative with someone outside pumping gas. The guy in the car left after using not-so-nice hand gestures. About 2-hours later, on the 500 block of Dolliver someone was in the street yelling at cars asking for a ride. He was advised to leave the area.

• April 23: Police were asked to stand by for a room eviction at Motel 6 because a man was fighting with another guest. He left before police arrived, but they caught up with him near California Fresh Market. He was taken to pick up his belonging and then taken to the train station — a surefire way to get him out of town.

• April 22: A caller’s ex-husband got physical with her boyfriend at the baseball fields, so much for hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie. Paramedics were called to the scene.

• April 22: A man loitering on the property at Oxford Suites had been sleeping on the lawn and kept entering the lobby. He had been asked to leave a week prior.

• April 22: A woman stole a pair of sandals at Sketchers, but police caught up with her at another store, and a civil compromise was reached.

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