Let’s Go Fly A Kite


April was Fly A Kite Month, and with our weather warming up and summer ahead you’ll see kites flying everywhere; in parks, open fields and at the beach.

Invented in China in the 5th Century, kites come in many shapes and sizes, diamond, box, dragon, parafoil, sled and delta. They come in hundreds of designs, colors and shapes such as boats, snakes, birds, dragons, stars, cats, otters, whales and other sea creatures. They are flown for fun, art, relaxation, sport and competition. Kite ‘fighting’ is a popular sport in much of the world where one kite flyer tries the cut the lines of another kite and crash their kite. Kites are used in religious ceremonies, for measuring distance, in meteorology and by the military.

They have been instrumental in science too. You all probably remember your history lessons as a child where Benjamin Franklin used a kite to prove lightning was caused by electricity.  If not for the kite, the Wright Brothers may not have developed their first airplane. And who doesn’t remember the song from Mary Poppins?  There’s also that saying, “Oh Go Fly A Kite,” but we won’t go there!

Photo and story by www.PhotoByVivian.com

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